Registration Opening : August 17th 2017

Welcome to the pre-registration page for Passerelles classes

This site allows first contact to be made and it does not constitute final registration. Once you have submitted your contact information, the responsible person of the training and professional integration center will contact you to arrange an on-site interview concerning your application.
Courses will run from Thursday, 28 September 2017 until Friday, 13 July 2018. The first 3 weeks of September are devoted to the orientation phase between the classes, including language tests and you need to be available during that time.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday between 9:30 and 15:30 hrs.


Address of the training center: 17 rue Nicolas Welter, L-7570 Mersch

Entry conditions for the Passerelles classes:

You must be between 17 and 27 years old

You must reside in Luxemburg at the first schoolday of the course, and have a mailing address

You must have a goal or an idea for a professional project; either further studies or entry into DAP vocational training

Attendance at all the proposed courses is mandatory, under penalty of exclusion. Seriousness, commitment and motivation are also the qualities sought to carry out your personal project.
Passerelles 1- or 2-year classes aim to help young people with socio-professional introduction and integration in Luxemburg by building a professional and realistic project.
To achieve this, the lessons taught throughout the year involve the following:

  • Studying French as usual professional integration language with registration at the end of the year for official certificates DELF A2, B1 or B2 with the national examination center.
  • Training regarding integration into active life: knowledge and expertise regarding job interviews, assistance with writing a covering letter and a CV.
  • Introductory workshop: Luxemburg language and culture
  • Computer workshops on Word and Excel, linked to the World of Work
  • Manual labour workshops promoting the professional vocabulary
  • A preparation and refresher course in Mathematics corresponding to DAP access vocational training courses  : restaurant personnel, hotel personnel, electrician, or others.

The beginner level classes (A1-A2) provide students with a solid foundation in French which  they need to pursue their professional project. There are no special entrance requirements.
The advanced level classes (A2 to B2) aim to guide and direct the student and it is based on improving the French language in order to integrate them to other Luxemburg structures( for example DAP or university) at the end of the school year. A certain level of French is an entrance requirement.
A computerised language test and further assessment will determine which of our four classes you can attend.

We also offer a concrete social support to help you with administrative procedures and everyday worries, such as:

  • good living conditions for students
  • clear administrative status of the student and his/her family
  • details about administrative procedure regarding your professional guidance : high schools, training institutions, BIZ, MENJE
  • informations on existing trainings and job market
  • preparation of documents for inscription in a high school and registration at a university  

Please complete the following form in order to make an application for pre-registration :  S'inscrire dans nos cours


if you are older than 27 years, proposes Caritas Luxembourg also adult courses inscription + de 27ans